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All About the 5 of us ...    

Dave Andrews, ​ Dave is one of those annoying types, he can pick up any musical instrument and play it !, from the age of 15 when his Dad bought him , his first electric guitar a Burns Sonic that cost £21,  there was no stopping him, he plays Trombone, Sax, Ukulele and even a one stringed fiddle,  but his first love is the bass guitar and he has played all over the UK .   He was bass guiarist with The Honeycombes, The Rockin' 50s, Coupe de Ville, The Hi-lites, that became Paul Neon and the Hi-Lites that morphed into Paul Neon and the Saints,  combining all of that with a 10 year cabaret career that had him singing in clubs across the UK.  Dave really is Mr. Music  he is a skilled Piano tuner by day, and a thumping great Rhythm Guitar & Bass player by Night.

Trevor Jones,  Trevor a true Spree original .  Trevor has vast musical experience, a super stunning Drummer, Vocalist and guitarist. Another of the SVC boys whose love of The Beatles fuelled his rapid rise from winning his first drumming competion at school with a kettle drum, to school bands along with Bryan and others, to his sublime drumming style today, Trevor is a founder member of The original Spree that started life  in the 70s , his vocals, Guitar style and drumming have taken him all over.  Be prepared to be blown away, Trevor Jones really is the business. 

Richard Weidman, Richard is the newest member of The Spree.  A real guitar fanatic, picking up his first classical guitar as a young boy, moving onto acoustic guitars at 15 and 'finding the love of his life" a blue Fender Telecaster in 2008, Richard trained at college as a motor mechanic technician going onto university, but, his love of the guitar never left him, he just got better and better, he has played widely on the local music scene, both as a solo artist, and a keen open mic vocalist and guitarist,  but, as Richard says "I always wanted to be part of a band, so here I am" .Richard 's guitar playing is sublime, his vocals are sensational, simply put, Richard Weidman is AWESOME !

Introducing Bobby Andrews , (Guessed the connection here yet?) the next upcoming generation of The Spree.  Its hardly unexpected that growing up with such a musical Papa, that this musicality didn't rub off on the young Bobby, a real guitar aficionado, with a love of pure Rock and Roll, Rockabilly and Country, he has slotted into The Spree family, he is a fine Rhythm guitarist. has a wicked sense of humour, he's a bundle of energy. brace yourselves!

And finally... to complete The Spree line-up we are extremely proud to welcome Sabina C. Jackson.  Musically inclined from early age, Sabina has played a plethora of instruments over the years , picking up her first bass guitar when she was 16, and playing professionally in several bands since 2019, her musical influences are wide ranging .  Sabina is a brilliant bass player and 
an exciting vocalist bringing a whole new dimension to The Spree.

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